My retirement

July, 2007

  1. My retirement

    July 25, 2007 by Christopher Buxton

    (Chris writes to the tune of Paddy works on the railway)

    In nineteen hundred and seventy one
    I put flared corduroy breeches on
    A flowery shirt, a kipper tie
    to work in education

    And it’s canes here and slippers there
    Corridors filled with fear
    Dark sarcasm everywhere
    To work in education

    The Headmaster heard the noise from my class
    He said my boy if you want to last
    You hit the biggest boy in the class
    To survive in education

    In nineteen hundred and eighty five
    I hadn’t hit kids; I was still alive
    To ride the wave, to duck and dive
    And work in education

    In nineteen hundred and ninety three
    ‘Twas then I met sweet Annie Cowdery
    She looked over her specs at me
    To further my education

    The Principal was a magistrate
    He could take his money home in a crate
    Trouble sent him out the back gate
    To avoid education

    And now it’s two thousand and seven
    Last year’s inspection sent us to heaven
    I’m not staying till two thousand and eleven
    To work in education.