Boyko losing it?

10/03/2010 by Christopher Buxton

A report today in Standart has burly Boyko threatening that he has a letter of resignation, ready in his pocket. Striking Doctors and disgruntled farmers had better not push him too far!

This report, if true, only goes to show that he is a remarkably unprofessional politician.

Professional politicians don’t threaten to resign. They wriggle and hope the storm will pass. They have too much to lose financially to worry about their popularity.

Any exasperated teacher will tell you about the effect of such lame threats. “Quiet! Shut up! Listen to me! If anyone else farts or throws another paper aeroplane, I’m walking out! Yes! That’s right! I’ll just walk out that door and never come back!”

Cue loud farts and a cascade of flighted paper to rival the Battle of Britain.