Email from D Popov

My name is Dimitar Popov and I write from Bulgaria. I have just read Far from Danube book. It is excellent!

I would like to applaud the writing of the book and let you know I enjoyed reading it throughout!
It is amazing how little we knew here in Bulgaria about the Nikopol battle compared to say Varna battle
in 1444.
I felt really proud reading the story of Maria Iskraand that she was a Bulgarian-such a strong and
remarkable person! Thanks for writing the book and making the enquiries leading to it! It must have been
a hard and enduring effort.

I have been to the Danube just a few times – probably just passing through Nikopol and
Oriahovo, but after reading the book I would be much more curious visiting the area specially to see the

Best regards,

Mitko Popov