Folk Songs from the Miladinovi brothers

Oh lawdy God, Christ Almighty
Niver can I step into the market
Wi’ all them greasy grocers.
They’d gi’ all their black olives
For jist a peek at my black eyes.

Oh lawdy God, Christ Almighty
Niver can I step outdoors for water
Wi all them sly fisher-folk
They’d gi all their white fishes
Jist for a feel of my white hands.

Oh Lawdy God, Christ Almighty
Niver can I step out  to the Baker’s
Wi’ all them sweaty pastry cooks,
They’d gi’ all their flour white pasties
Jist for a stroke o’ my white face.


Boryano Boranki

Only you’re my sweetheart
Only you’re my sweetheart
Only you ken singing
Whene’er you are singing,
I can hear your voice, love
I can hear your voice, love
All across our meadow
All across our meadow, darling
Right up to our orchard
And whene’er I hear you
I throw away my sickle
Hay stooks I’m neglecting
Just to hear your singing.


Bonka lost herself in the forest

In the forest green and dark
And who should find her, but a shepherd
Who said these words, to make his mark.
Come on Bonka, give us a kiss
But Bonka answered in proud state
Is this the place for kissing girls?
You’ll take me home, please, straight
So mother can take a peek at you
And you can give us some fine presents
A silken blouse would surely do.
And he obeyed – sad simple peasant.
He took her home then straight away.
Bonka called out to her mother

Hey Mum! Come here! Hey mother, hey!
Hey come here mother come and see
What a donkey I’ve brought home with me.
He refuses hay there for the taking
He refuses grain there for the munching.
Give him straw – let him eat it
And if he dares turn the dry straw down
Take him to the nearest well
And if the water fails to please him
Push him in and let him drown!