Hristo Fotev

Oh you’re so beautiful
God Almighty
You’re so beautiful

How beautiful are your hands.
And your legs are so beautiful
And your eyes are so beautiful
And your hair is so beautiful.

Don’t torture yourself – love me!
Don’t hold back – love me!
Love me!
with the real power of your hands
your legs, your eyes – with the total
elegance of their every movement.
Believe in me forever – and never
will you be stupid – love me!
And if you’re wicked – love me!
Love me!

On the streets, then on the stairs
Especially on the stairs you’re beautiful.
With clothes on or clothes off, uninterruptedly
You’re beautiful…Most beautiful in the room
In the dark, armed with the comb.
And the comb drowns in your hair.
Your hair is full of electricity –
Touch it and I’ll light up in the dark.
You’re really beautiful – believe me.
And try to be beautiful to the end.
Not so much for me as for yourself,
the trees, the windows and people.
Don’t quickly spoil your beauty
With jealous suspicion – forgive my
Sudden lapses on the way –
Please don’t overdo the cigarettes.
Don’t lose me ever – discover me,
Fill me with childish wonder.
Once more I trust myself to your hands,
To your legs, to your eyes…Love me.
How I want to hold you for ever
To love you forever…
And how impossible it is for me…You’re so
Like grains of sand…And I beg you, don’t tell me,
That you want to hold on to me forever,
To love me forever, forever.

Oh you’re so beautiful
God Almighty
You’re so beautiful

Christo Fotev

translation by Christopher Buxton