Stanka Pencheva

Autumn Story

Summer is over
Strands of mist
Preen themselves slow
On the forest comb.
The homeless and famished wind
Murmurs all night long
In the linden
Summer clears off
What are our plans for this evening?
Don’t want to be out in the cold –
Long or short walks just don’t appeal.
Just stay by my side!
We’ll light a fire as if it were winter
I’ll throw on my capacious shawl.
I’ll sit between your feet.
(Aren’t there blonde gypsies too?)
And I’ll read your palm

……Ow my fat cat,
Your road has many turnings
So many paths you will have trod
Through flood and cracked earth.
Your knees will pour blood
From falls and scrabbling,
But not from kneeling.
Here, you fly a hawk in the sky,
There, they’ll strip your wings feather by feather
But you my lord were bred resilient
Fall on rock, you’ll leap up still
Like a hammer – cast in iron
Everything strikes your head
Till it’s powdered by the snow
And still you’ll be so young in years…
Women are going to love you lots.
Well one is sitting at your feet
But you will carry her in your arms
Well. She’s got green eyes
Well she’s got blonde hair.

Don’t pull away your hand
I don’t want you to caress me now
It’s enough to tickle your palm with my fingers
It’s enough for me to map it
Weighed down by love and force
Giving way to no-one
Yielding only to me –
Your hot
Your manly right hand

The séance is over
And you cross my palm
With kisses instead of silver