Macedonia demands justice for Tsar Izkaryou.

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  1. Macedonia demands justice for Tsar Izkaryou.

    February 2, 2012 by Christopher Buxton

    Bulgarian persecution of Alexander the Great’s direct descendant constitutes a serious breach of human rights.

    We all know – or at least our Acadamy knows – how throughout the history of our glorious nation, Bulgaria has been our enemy – and has even tried to steal our language and heroes away from us.

    To the roll-call of outstanding Macedonians in history – Adam, Alexander, Cleopatra, Jesus Christ, Kiril and Metodi, Vaptsarov, Smirninski, Georgi Dimitrov, we now add a new name Tsar Izkaryou, now languishing in a Bulgarian gaol on trumped up tax evasion charges. A successful businessman, Tsar Izkaryou has traced his family back through their ancient Roma journey from Pakistan, where Alexander the Great fell in love with his distant ancestor the seductive  Aisha.

    Now since claiming his Macedonian heritage, Tsar Izkaryou has seen his beautiful palaces in Wagonville burnt to the ground by Bulgarian nationalists. His drinks business, built up carefully over decades with local government and police co-operation, has now been temporarily closed in a brutal contradiction of all Bulgarian business norms. His children are no longer free to exercise their feudal rights over their neighbours, but have been hunted out as if they were some kind of Mafia family. They have even had to run over Bulgarian villagers in order to protect themselves

    Now instead of sitting in his palace and drinking from a bottle of his family made brand, Iskander Vodka, (made to an ancient recipe from wood shavings), he is forced to undergo confinement in the prison hospital, waiting for his lawyer to arrange bail and fix any witnesses.

    Macedonians demand an end of persecution for its citizens in neighbouring Bulgaria and demands that Europe rethink its dubious relationship with this Turkic pseudo-nation. For too long our traditional enemy has tried to hamper our proper progress into the European Union, by misrepresenting our treatment of  citizens who are crazy enough to claim Bulgarian ethnicity.  Of course Macedonians suffering from schitzophrenic Bulgarphillia need to be restrained and have their teeth removed for their own good. Care for lunatics is the mark of a civilization founded by Alexander.

    Tsar Iskaryou’s imprisonment shows Europe the extent of our neighbour’s barbarity. We appeal directly to the European Parliament and the International Court of Human Rights.