Trip to Denmark

10/04/2008 by Christopher Buxton

Just got back from visiting Vlad in Aarhus. Lucky lucky Danes! The place is exploding with state supported creativity. Street art every where you look, small specialised shops and cafes, a paradise for the easily distracted lateral thinker.
Somehow medieval church painting survived the protestant revolution, and like the modern graffiti outside, it’s very quirky.

In the Cathedral there is a remarkable painting of St George killing a mum. The mammal dragon lies helpless, it’s numerous teats pointing skywards. The Princess is all she needs to continue feeding her baby but instead she has a lance thrust down her throat. The baby dragon peeks out from the cave. Will the poor baby survive? If it does I don’t give the lamb gambolling at the princess’s side much chance.

Aarhus is surrounded by forests, long beaches and rolling hills and no fences that I saw – a licence to roam guaranteed. Vlad is in his element.