Big shout for Assen Yordanov

17/11/2008 by Christopher Buxton

The fearless fighter for journalistic truth, Assen Yordanov has got involved with Milka Vulkanova’s struggle with the Petrol company. See previous posts on the threat hanging over Milka’s only source of income.

Assen was responsible for some excellent TV reportage, showing how the building that Mr Subev wants pulled down is in fact in very good shape and being used by satisfied tenants.

Assen was even able to interview the Sofia professor Subev paid 36,000 leva. This professor declared that he never said that the building was in any danger of falling down. But it was this professor’s name that Petrol used to convince the town council that the house on Renaissance Street should be pulled down.

Meanwhile in a new development the Town Hall has asked for a further commission without however rescinding its demolition order.

Milka’s representatives were called to an urgent meeting at the Burgas football stadium and were met by Mssrs Mitzov and Subev. There are signs that as a result of Assen’s intervention leather faces may be softening.

On the other hand they may just be waiting out the storm.