Little Volen and the big bad Serbs

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  1. Little Volen and the big bad Serbs

    November 29, 2010 by Christopher Buxton

    Volen Siderov the far right leader of the ATAKA party, has taken time out of his busy schedule to plan a minor invasion of Serbia. Heading a small fleet of Buses, Volen was planning to drive to Bosilegrad, (population 9,000 ethnic Bulgarians to 1,000 ethnic Serbs) to take part in a demonstration against the 1919 Treaty of Neuilly sur Seine, which redrew the Bulgarian frontier following the end of the First World War.

    So to the growing list of his hates (Jews, Moslems, Turks and German Air hostesses) we must add the Serbs. Despite their Slav Orthodox credentials, they put thirty Policemen at the border crossing to stop Volen’s invasion.

    Volen (“the people love him”) returned to Sofia in high dudgeon demanding that the Bulgarian government withdraw its support for Serbia’s entry into the EU. If they do not Volen will withdraw his support for the government of Bulgaria’s greatest living Stereotype , Premier Boyko Borisov.

    Big Leek! – as they say in Bulgaria – little willy as I might add. Boyko has an absolute majority in Parliament and does not need the support of Volen’s neo fascists. In fact Volen cuts a forlorn figure these days. Having tried to line his pockets with enormous wads of cash demanded from Party Candidates in return for allowing them to stand as MPs, he lost the support of far right Burgas SKAT TV owner, Valeri Simeonov. SKAT TV cannot forgive Volen for giving his unconditional support to populist Boyko Borisov, and so a stream of anti Volen propaganda has filled the SKAT studios. In studios, angry commentators harangue TV cameras for hours on end, watched by bitter pensioners.

    Volen had to do something dramatic to boost his patriotic credentials. Why not invade Serbia and try to rewrite ninety years of history. Of course Serbia must return Bulgarian lands ceded over 90 years ago. By the way, I am planning a coach tour to Normandy from Britain’s oldest recorded town. I will put on a protest raincoat and demand the French return Normandy to us. I don’t see why I should need a passport – after all Normandy is English territory up to the moment it was stolen from us in the reign of King John. If I am stopped by French police, I will demand that France be excluded from the EU. Otherwise I will withdraw my support for Nick Clegg!