Little Volen

06/02/2010 by Christopher Buxton

I read in Standart that Volen Siderov’s escapade on a plane into Frankfurt has moved a Socialist Deputy to verse.

Volen (Bulgarians love him) Siderov is alleged to to have got extremely drunk, abused stewardesses, calling them blonde Aryans (which is pretty rich coming from him) and as a result the plane had to be landed at the far end of the airport and met by police. Of course Volen just waved a diplomatic passport and no action was taken.

Anyway here’s a free translation of Dimcho Mikhailovski’s reaction.

Little Volen was flying drunk into town
German pilots pulled guns to safely touch down
“Aryan” stewardesses reacted in shock
On the runway policemen waited en bloc

Volen waved his diplomatic cards
This number amazed the German guards.
We’re always able to land in the mud.
Anyway our parliament’s a total dud.