Email from Daniela and a wedding present

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  1. Email from Daniela and a wedding present

    April 10, 2013 by Christopher Buxton

    Dear Christopher,

    I was looking for help with translating Nedyalko Yordanov’s Усмихни се, Любов poem in English and came across your website, I must say your work is fantastic! I am getting married next week and have included the above poem in our Order of Service, and was hoping that by getting it translated our non- Bulgarian speaking guests will  have an idea of what’s being read. Unfortunately I only came across your site today, and I have to complete all texts for the Orders of Service by Thursday, I realise this is not nearly enough time but thought I should at least enquire.
    Many thanks in advance
    Kind regards

    My wedding present for Daniela

    Put a smile on your face, Love


    I asked you what you were thinking,

    and you told me:

    “I don’t know.

    The wind’s blowing my thoughts away like ladybirds.”


    And so I lifted my hand,

    I grabbed a thought

    and I closed it in my palm like in a matchbox.

    I stuck it to my ear and heard the voice of the captive ladybird:


    “I don’t want you to leave!”


    Put a smile on your face.

    So what if I’m leaving.

    Cranes set out on their long journey,

    but they will come back.

    The sun sets behind the red houses,

    but it will come back.

    And trains come back, don’t they?

    And people.

    Whatever the distances metre and kilometres.

    There are eyes which see through the high mountains.

    There are thoughts which fly over the endless steppes.

    There are people who never ever part.


    Put a smile on your face

    There are people who never ever part.