The great white shark

31/08/2008 by Christopher Buxton

He sits opposite me and with a breathy certitude that brooks no challenge, he poses what he sees as a series of rhetorical questions.
Do you like football? – of course you do- you’re English
You remember the team of 1966? –how could you not?
Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Gor..don..Banks? you know where this is leading. It’s irresistable.
And what colour were they all? time to sit back – as though his case is proved.

Couldn’t the Americans have found one white man to represent the Democrats in the coming election? Are there no intelligent white Democrats – that they had to choose a black man?

He was very disappointed by Paris. Yes of course there was the Louvre and Notre Dame, but he might as well have travelled to Africa. Where were all the Frenchmen? He’s worried for the survival of the great white race, the race of Balzac and Dumas. I point out that Dumas was mixed race. He expresses shock then confident disbelief. This cannot be true.