Update of “awful, awful!”

21/12/2010 by Christopher Buxton

Standart reports today that the official report on the baby in the freezer case is that the baby was indeed born dead. This news will be welcomed by local citizens who signed petitions supporting the doctors. It will restore some faith in the humanity of hard working Bulgarian doctors.

Initial shock at the language by the doctors used in their state tapped conversations has been superseded by outrage that in the early stages of investigation, the Home Affairs Minister chose to read them out. Anyone with any experience of the hard pressed emergency services will know that their private conversations about tragic events are necessarily salty.

The whole incident reveals sadly how quickly responsible commentators rush to premature judgments. The major responsibility for this does lie with Minister Stoyanov – who has seen his popularity ratings slide after allegations of dodgy property deals. As Minister he gained approval for a series of spectacular arrests, but none of these has led to successful prosecution. The overall effect is deepening cynicism.

Martin Karbovski will no doubt apologize for his over-reaction. Today he is fulminating on the commercialisation of Christmas.