09/07/2010 by Christopher Buxton

Frequently asked questions

When is Prime Minister and superhero, Boyko Borisov going to do something about the awful weather?

(Koalitia Gerbkova writes) The awful weather is entirely the fault of the previous government. As you know the so-called Triple Alliance of Dark Forces ruined the Bulgarian economy and the weather. It was the Turkish Sorceress Emel Good-lay who cursed the nation from her cellar-laboratories in the depths of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations. Since then Bulgaria has had rainy summers.

Yes but Boyko Borisov is like Aslan. He has super-powers. We remember how when he was Mayor Of Sofia he dug the Metro with his bare hands, and then fixed the rubbish problem by flying the trash trucks hundreds of miles away. He even sorted out the holes in the road after only four attempts. And he’s arrested lots of people. Surely he can fix the weather!

Brother Boyko is doing his best, but he’s found that his every move to bring a ray of sunshine into peoples’ lives is being blocked by dark clouds that swirl out from the Presidential Palace.

You mean the evil white haired wizard, President Parvenue? Can’t he arrest him?

Home Secretary Long-Faceoff is doing his best but the Goblin Judges and Magistrates are thwarting his every move.

So what do you suggest the poor sun-starved tourists do?

Why not try the thrills and spills of the Burgas Mall.

Thrills and spills?

If you haven’t tried crazy paving trolley races, you haven’t lived. The Mall floor tiles have been laid according to the Boyko Borisov Tsari-Gradsko Road model. It’s ideal for hours of family fun.