Gravé sues Milka for 15,000 Euros

09/01/2009 by Christopher Buxton

Well leather faces are patient – especially when they hold all the cards.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a 84 year old disabled woman unfortunate enough to share a property with a powerful petrol company will find herself without even a crutch to support her.

In my last post from the Burgas front line, (Big Shout for Assen Yordanov) I reported the curious reaction of Messrs. Subev and Mitzov following the temporary storm whipped up by Assen in collaboration with SKAT TV. With serious questions being asked about the Burgas council’s decision to order the demolition of Vuzrazhdene 4 and the extent of influence over that decision by the powerful Petrol company, Mitko Subev called an urgent meeting with Milka Vulkanova’ representatives in the Burgas football stadium.

The great man assured all present that he had no thought of ordering in the bulldozers before some accommodation was reached that insured Milka continuing to receive the money she needs to survive as a solitary disabled 84 year old – money which she is entitled to as co-owner of a building in the centre of Burgas, built by her father in the late 30s.

Mitko Subev also declared his surprise thart he had not been aware of Milka’s proposals for an amicable resolution of the problem. Of course he would give the proposal his urgent consideration. Rest assured he had no desire to see an old woman bankrupted and forced onto the street.

That was over a month ago and court procedures grind on. As the next hearing approaches, expert evidence has unaccountably changed, raising the suspicion that Petrol’s influence is invincible throughout all institutions in Burgas. The chances of a fair hearing are therefore bleak. A sound building will be demolished and Milka’s sole source of income destroyed.

Things can only get worse.

With Milka Vulkanova on her knees it is time for Insurance firm Gravé to put on its kicking boots. As interested parties they have always appeared in court sessions alongside Petrol and have a familiar relationship with representatives of that company. So a month ago the former tenants of Milka’s “have been forced to leave an unsafe building of bad repute” and as a result have decided to sue her for loss of trade. This loss apparently amounts to 15000 Euros .

There is of course no thought that Petrol might have something to do with the misrepresentation of the building and its alleged dangers.

So it would not be an over-cynical to draw the conclusion that Petrol and Gravé may be in alliance based on the mutual benefit to be derived from so terrifying Milka that she agrees to sell her half of Vuzrazhdene 4 for a comical sum in order to escape mounting legal debts.